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extracting truffle’s pure intensity

Absolvum is the fruit of years of exploration in numerous truffle producing regions, and five years of tenacious technical research. Our goal: to extract and concentrate the compounds which make the truffle the fruit that seduces us with an unparalleled complexity of powerful aromas. 

Absolvum is the name we have chosen to designate our range of extracts: 

truffle powder;

water-based extracts; 

oil-based extracts. 

All our extracts are 100% pure truffle, with nothing added, no flavors, no preservatives, no thinners. When you work with an Absolvum extract you use 100% pure super-concentrated truffle.

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Truffles & Men

Elyan Calhiol and Richard Capdevielle 

a convergence of aromatic disciplines and gastronomic experience

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Elyan perpetuates a long family tradition and proud heritage of truffle “caveurs” and merchants, spanning many generations, from France’s finest truffle producing regions - maternal ancestors originating in the Lot, and paternal ancestors, in the Vaucluse and Drôme. Richard comes from the wine world. Initially vintner on the family property in St Émillion, then working and studying in many different wine producing regions before graduating at CAFA de Bordeaux in international sommellerie.

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300 compounds or more identified in the dozens of truffle species comprise the aromatic complexity of this mysterious subterranean fruit


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Truffle’s Extracts

Truffles (pleural): Absolvum extracts aim to express the aromatic diversity of more than 60 truffle species

Only five or six truffle species are generally referenced by amateurs and professionals: 

Tuber Melanosporum - the black Périgord truffle is the most famous; 

Tuber Magnatum - the Italian white truffle from Alba is the most expensive; 

Tuber Brumale, Tuber Aestivum (summer truffle) and Tuber Uncinatum (Burgundy truffle) are less appreciated because their aromatic notes are not as pronounced; finally..

Tuber Indicum, coming from Asia is unfairly (and incorrectly) criticized by those who believe it has a less pronounced taste. 

Dozens of indigenous truffle species can be found around the world. There are more than sixty different species in Asia alone, particularly in China, a vast country whose extremely diverse regions are home to an abundance of little-known indigenous varieties. 

The goal of the Absolvum range is to reveal the specific nuances of each variety and promote the great biodiversity of truffles to allow their extraction onto a unique palette of aromas.

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